Liverpool and the Beatles - you can't have one without the other. And it's no secret that Anton is a big fan of the Beatles.

"It's simply a combination of top musical quality and the memories of the 60s that the songs evoke," explains Anton van Doornmalen, adding: "Back then, the sound was a total renewal - there had never been music like this before." What's more, the songs of Liverpool's most famous sons are timeless and by no means old-fashioned: "Paul McCartney and John Lennon are songwriters on a par with Mozart and Bach, simply outstanding."

The Dutch singer-songwriter's new album also contains many elements that we know from the Beatles. The song "To Live By Your Side" is reminiscent of the sound of Paul McCartney. And "Great Gratitude" is a song that is made up entirely of 39 song titles and yet tells a self-contained story. Last year, Anton visited the city of Liverpool with his wife Riekie.

And it is precisely this spirit of this city in the north-west of England that the singer has packed into his latest songs.