The title track 'Glücklich sein' is about enjoying the moment and saying 'yes' to it. Believing in yourself as well as in your talent. The lyrics call on you to open your heart, to enjoy and marvel at things. The feeling of 'being happy' comes to me, for example, when I make music. The songs on this CD are about moments of happiness. Grandad walking barefoot through damp grass, with his granddaughter's feet on his own feet, that's one of those moments. These songs are also an ode to our twelve very happy years in Germany. Enjoy this CD, made with a lot of feeling and fond memories.



Das Glück


Zusammen allein


Über den Wolken


Opa, kommst du?


Traumhafte Wolken


Manchmal denke ich


Wählen wollen, was man will


Kindlein klein


Wenig Zeit!


Betr88888888 bis!


Liebe ist alles


Immer scheint die Sonne