The first half of this year 2021 is drawing to a close. It was a quiet half of the year. The pandemic was still dominating life all around Europe and the entire world. The consequence: no concerts, no performances.

This should change in the next forthcoming months. If the situation remains stable, Anton and his highly professional live band will perform in Bad Sassendorf, Kreis Soest, NRW, in November and delight his fans with live music. We are not yet able to name a concrete performance location and date, but the planning is underway. More info soon here on the website.

New album is coming soon

21. June 2021 - 17:07

In a few months, Anton will release his new album. It will be entitled "Journey" and contains mainly English-language songs. Many songs are known to his fans from the digital concerts in December and June 2020. On the album are for example the songs "Everywhere You Go", "Try To Understand" or "Humanly".

How to get into the summer spirit

21. June 2021 - 16:59

The sky is blue, the sun is burning and the beach is waiting for you. It's summer. And Anton wishes you a nice summer with good mood and excellent music, especially after these challenging pandemic times.

An absolute earworm is Anton's song "Traumhafte Wolken": You can find the song on Anton's album "Einfach ich". 

Another recommendation for getting into the summer spirit ist Anton's french chanso "A la mer":


Last year, the European Championship fell through. This year, soccer will be celebrated again in Europe. The anticipation is rising and we have the right song for it: "Champions from Germany", a variation from Anton's smash hit "Fußball macht Spaß"!

„Fly, Maybug, Fly“

19. May 2021 - 16:05

A brand new title in Anton's rich portfolio is called: "Fly, Maybug, Fly". In it, Anton recalls how he used to play with maybugs and let them fly. "Nowadays, you hardly ever see maybugs," says the singer. A song like a herald of spring. 

And so the song is also a song about species extinction and the loss of biodiversity. The song says, "There are no more bugs / In our territory / What is happening / To our biodiversity / What I have learned / from my childhood memory / how fragile nature can be."