Anton takes you on a musical journey

28. September 2021 - 11:54

Finally it's that time again! The Dutch singer-songwriter Anton van Doornmalen will give a concert in Bad Sassendorf (Kreis Soest, NRW, Germany) on Saturday, November 20. The concert title "Journey" promises a musical journey of the singer, who is popular in the region and who, in addition to new English-language songs, will play his evergreens. The concert in Bad Sassendorf will take place for the first time in the Conference and Congress Center (Eichendorffstraße 2, Bad Sassendorf).

The Dutch songwriter Anton van Doornmalen will give a concert on Saturday, November 20th, in Bad Sassendorf close to the city of Soest.

The concert title "Journey" already promises a musical journey for the singer, who is popular in the region. He will perform his new English-language songs and also some Evergreens.

The concert in Bad Sassendorf will take place for the first time in the conference and congress center.

Anton is already looking forward to play in front of an audience again soon, of course with his professional live band. It seems that his dream will come true sooner than expected: The first big concert after the pandemic is planned for Saturday, November 20, in Bad Sassendorf.

Of course, all distance and hygiene rules will be observed. It will then be exactly two years ago that the singer stood on stage in Werl-Büderich in the Kuniberthalle with his soccer choir ("Fußball macht Spaß").

Anton takes you on a journey

11. August 2021 - 17:07

In a few months, Anton will release his new album. It will be entitled "Journey" and contains mainly English-language songs. Many songs are known to his fans from the digital concerts in December and June 2020. On the album are for example the songs "Everywhere You Go", "Try To Understand" or "Humanly".

Of course, the duets "Talent" and "You Are" with his daughter Anke are also on the new long player. When the album will be released has not yet been determined. There is also a concert planned for later this year (locally in Bad Sassendorf, November 20.)

How to get into the summer spirit

21. June 2021 - 16:59

The sky is blue, the sun is burning and the beach is waiting for you. It's summer. And Anton wishes you a nice summer with good mood and excellent music, especially after these challenging pandemic times.

An absolute earworm is Anton's song "Traumhafte Wolken": You can find the song on Anton's album "Einfach ich". 

Another recommendation for getting into the summer spirit ist Anton's french chanso "A la mer":