„Fly, Maybug, Fly“

19. May 2021 - 16:05

A brand new title in Anton's rich portfolio is called: "Fly, Maybug, Fly". In it, Anton recalls how he used to play with maybugs and let them fly. "Nowadays, you hardly ever see maybugs," says the singer. A song like a herald of spring. 

And so the song is also a song about species extinction and the loss of biodiversity. The song says, "There are no more bugs / In our territory / What is happening / To our biodiversity / What I have learned / from my childhood memory / how fragile nature can be."

The songs "Breathe" and "Talent" are now available for you on YouTube. 

"Breathe" is a song about the difficulties in the Corona times. The video for it will be very simple. The lyrics of the song will be supported by graphic elements, such as a corona virus. 

"Talent" is an outtake from the last digital concert. It is already the second duet between Anton and his daughter Anke.

Last year, the European Championship fell through. This year, soccer will be celebrated again in Europe. The anticipation is rising and we have the right song for it: "Champions from Germany", a variation from Anton's smash hit "Fußball macht Spaß"!

Right now, no song seems to fit better than this track. The sing-along song "Immer scheint die Sonne" (The sun always shines) simply spreads a good mood. Because the sun is always there - even if the weather is rather restrained in the current spring and April does what it wants. 

The lyrics say "The sun always shines, / no matter where you are. "The beauty of the sun is: it costs nothing, it always shines - no matter what. We can also be inspired by it here on earth, says the Dutch singer-songwriter.

The song to be found on the album "Glücklich sein".

Anton wrote the song "See the Whole World Different" over 15 years ago. The song fits perfectly with his new overall theme: Journey.

"Now is the time to see the world differently," the singer said during the second digital concert in December. The song reads, "What you see is hostility, no humanity." If you want to change the world, you have to act, is the credo.