The new song "We are one" sound like an anthem. It was presented by singer Anton van Doornmalen to mark the 100th anniversary of Rijk Zwaan.

"For me, the whole Rijk Zwaan feeling is captured in these three minutes," says the singer, who recorded the song together with the European Pop Orchestra. You can find the song here on YouTube.

At the anniversary on July 1, 2024, more than 30 Rijk Zwaan subsidiaries and operations were connected in a video conference. It was announced that the company would receive an award from the King. You can find out more on the Rijk Zwaan press pages, for example here. You can find all the information and reviews on the topic of "100 years of Rijk Zwaan" here on the company´s website.

There were emotions, tears and goosebumps at the launch of the new song, reports Anton van Doornmalen, still clearly moved by the fantastic award from the Dutch King and the community at Rijk Zwaan, which is reflected in this song.

Anton was supported in the arrangement by his long-standing musicians Co Vergouwen and Laurens van Wessel.