Anton´s chanson "A la mer" will be presented in English at the next digital concert.

The ballad is called "Down by the Sea" and is just as poetic as in French, and yet the song sounds a bit different. 

At Anton's next digital concert ("Journey Part II") on Saturday, December 12, 2020, at 7 p.m. sharp (YouTube) it will have its stage premiere. 

We remember: After the singer had composed the song, he noticed that it resembled a French chanson. A text was needed. Anton's friend Margot Pfeiffer from Werl, a retired French teacher, took care of the translation for a poetic song that leads the listeners emotionally to the sea. He sings about the waves, the waves - and the beauty of the natural force of the sea.

Anton van Doornmalen is accompanied on accordion by Laurens van Wessel, who is responsible for all arrangements and leads Anton's band. 

You are curious? Then watch the video with the French version! The English version will be available on 12.12.2020!