Anton is a so-called singer-songwriter. "I don't just sing, I also write most of my songs myself. I'm connected to the songs, inseparable," says the singer and adds: "I've often asked myself why I write these songs. First of all, I don't really want to do anything other than capture a feeling that I have experienced in the presence of my family, my friends or on my own. Capture it in a song. That way, a feeling can become a memory." A feeling that lasts. Music that stays - songs that stay.

Anton: "The songs that I sing and write can also be interpreted by anyone. They speak for themselves. That's the beauty of a performance like this: you share feelings and moments with the audience and with the band."

With some songs, the singer experiences feelings again and again. "Feelings that I had while I was experiencing a song or while I was experiencing a moment that brought me to this song in the first place. So a performance like this is the highest of feelings."